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At EGPS we are pleased to offer our clients a wide range of services. We take care of your plan so you can focus on your business.


Plan Design

At EGPS, we understand that each client’s needs are unique. That’s why we take the time to understand all the facets of your business before we create your plan. Each plan is carefully crafted by our team of experts in order to help you get the most out of your retirement savings. Find out more about how our design process works, in partnership with your advisor.

What are you looking to gain from having a qualified retirement plan? From maximizing available tax deductions, to retaining employees by providing exceptional benefits, we can assure you that our plan design will meet your specific needs.

While we’ve specialized in defined benefit plan design for over 40 years, we also design all types of plans, including defined contribution and cash balance plans.

Thinking of a Redesign?

When last year’s plan doesn’t fit this year’s needs, our expert consultants are there to ensure that your plan stays current. EGPS understands that your requirements may need modification due to shifting employee demographics, business growth, or changes in legislation. Our consultants are well-equipped to bring your plan up to date by helping you to reassess your needs and priorities, while including any required plan amendments.

Speed up retirement savings.


Plan Administration

At EGPS, we understand that administration of your retirement plan can seem overwhelming and burdensome. We take care of your annual plan administration and quickly handle any compliance issues. We process all annual governmental forms and stay on top of legislative changes to assure that your plan stays compliant.

Most of our administrators have been working the same cases for years, and are always prompt in their communication with clients. We pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of your plan, and always being available for any reason regarding your plan administration.

Our Administration Services Include:

Preparation of IRS 5500-series forms

Preparation of PBGC Form 1

Calculation of tax-deductible contribution, including preparation of actuarial valuation report and/or annual report updating

In-house Daily Valuation and Balance Forward System

Nondiscrimination Testing

Employee Benefit Statements

Calculation and processing of participant distributors

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Actuarial Consulting

With four enrolled actuaries who have a combined 80 years of experience among them, we are more than well-equipped to handle any actuarial project. The actuarial world of numbers and spreadsheets can seem complex, but we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our clients in a comprehensive but clear manner.

We partner with TPAs across the country to provide white-label work on all types of defined benefit and cash balance plans. We provide proposals and illustrations to your clients so they can see the power of a defined benefit plan.

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“Creatively designing retirement plans since 1971.”

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