Plan Administration

Premiere Retirement Plan Administration

With changing regulations and a laundry list of responsibilities, the administration of a retirement plan can seem overwhelming and burdensome. We can help. We manage annual plan administration, process all required forms and paperwork, and ensure our clients’ plans stay up-to-date with legislative changes. With one, dedicated Retirement Plan Consultant focused on the plan, our clients receive prompt, friendly plan updates and someone ready to answer any questions they may have.

Our administrative services include:

  • Preparation of IRS 5500-series forms
  • Preparation of PBGC Form 1
  • Calculation of tax-deductible contribution, including preparation of actuarial valuation report and/or annual report updating.
  • Nondiscrimination testing
  • Employee benefit statements
  • Calculation and processing of participant distributions

Keep Your Plans Running Smoothly

Retirement plan administration can be complex, and our team of experts are ready to help.