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    We are an independent consulting firm that designs and administers retirement plans.

    We service approximately 4,500 employee benefit plans for businesses across the country. We have been designing and administering high quality retirement plans since 1971.

    Our consulting, design and administrative team maximizes retirement and tax benefits for business owners and employees. We work as a team with employers and advisors to design and administer cutting edge retirement plans.

    Advisors, we add value to your client relationships by designing modern retirement plans and then taking care of all the important details. Our design and plan management allows you to focus on what you do best.

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    Bill Presson, ERPA, APA, QPA, QKA, APR Executive Vice President, Sales & Consulting bpresson [@] egps.com 205-994-4070
    William J. Sheffler, EA, FCA, ASA, MAAA Executive Vice President bsheffler [@] egps.com 858-400-8440
    Cheri Wilner Kessner, ERPA, QPA Sales Consultant ckessner [@] egps.com 949-299-5953
    Jim Norman, ERPA, QPA Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent jnorman [@] egps.com 949-299-5956
  • Aggie Bereziuk Senior Retirement Plan Consultant abereziuk [@] egps.com 973-370-4850
    Alicia Anderson Loan & Distribution Specialist aanderson [@] egps.com 904-730-1461
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    Ashley Cortez Retirement Plan Assistant acortez [@] egps.com 949-299-5954
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    Beth Solomon Senior Retirement Plan Consultant bsolomon [@] egps.com 914-294-4140
    Brenda Bates Onboarding Specialist bbates [@] egps.com 949-220-1003
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    Diane Cocozzo Office Administrator dcocozzo [@] egps.com 914-893-4715
    Donna Fiorella Senior Retirement Plan Consultant dfiorella [@] egps.com 985-674-9148
    Ellen Sosa, QPA, QKA Senior Retirement Plan Consultant esosa [@] egps.com 212-494-9071
    Erin Books, ERPA, CPC, TGPC Compliance Manager ebooks [@] egps.com 212-931-8564
    Fred Herman Accounting Assistant fherman [@] egps.com 212-494-9075
    Izabel Rivas Intern irivas [@] egps.com 904-730-1515
    Janette Holm, ERPA, CEBS Senior Retirement Plan Consultant jholm [@] egps.com 949-299-5952
    Jennifer Baker, CRSP Product Manager jbaker [@] egps.com 858-400-8445
    Jennifer Rushin Office Administrator jrushin [@] egps.com 212-206-8641
    Jennifer Williams Retirement Plan Consultant jwilliams [@] egps.com 973-339-7948
    Jessica Childress Retirement Plan Consultant jchildress [@] egps.com 251-270-6829
    JoAnne Estes Accounting Manager jestes [@] egps.com 904-730-1460
    Jody Tully Senior Plan Consultant – Fringe and Welfare jtully [@] egps.com 973-282-8567
    Kaitlin Watson Retirement Plan Assistant kwatson [@] egps.com 251-270-6826
    Kala Miller Document Specialist kmiller [@] egps.com 212-206-8107
    Karen Spivey, APA, ERPA Senior Retirement Plan Consultant kspivey [@] egps.com 949-398-2472
    Katherine Florio Loan & Distribution Specialist kflorio [@] egps.com 973-270-9856
    Kathleen Wall Administrative Assistant kwall [@] egps.com 914-246-0630
    Katie Brown, EA, MAAA Consulting Actuary kbrown [@] egps.com 212-494-9043
    Katie Deutz Retirement Plan Assistant kdeutz [@] egps.com 858-400-8446
    Kelly Ray Assistant kray [@] egps.com 251-270-6824
    Kimberly Rineer, CPC, QPA, QKA Senior Retirement Plan Consultant krineer [@] egps.com 858-693-2075
    Laura Joseph Loan and Distribution Specialist ljoseph [@] egps.com 973-318-9622
    Linda Niu Actuarial Consultant lniu [@] egps.com 914-265-9374
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    Lisa Lukic Office Manager llukic [@] egps.com 914-345-8580
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    Martha Coyle Plan Document Specialist mcoyle [@] egps.com 904-730-1522
    Melissa Licari Actuarial Assistant mlicari [@] egps.com 949-220-1004
    Monica J. Saint, CEBS Senior Retirement Plan Consultant msaint [@] egps.com 949-398-2479
    Nicole Dorsey Acturial Consultant ndorsey [@] egps.com 212-494-9073
    Pam Reinhardt Actuarial Assistant preinhardt [@] egps.com 212-494-9073
    Patricia Conger Regional Vice President and Consulting Actuary pconger [@] egps.com 973-434-7496
    Pat Guida Senior Actuarial Consultant pguida [@] egps.com 212-494-9080
    Paul Lau Senior Retirement Plan Consultant plau [@] egps.com 914-618-4307
    Paula Pimentel, ERPA Compliance Manager ppimentel [@] egps.com 858-400-8504
    Priya D. Chandra, QPA Senior Actuarial Consultant pchandra [@] egps.com 212-494-9054
    Richard Rossi Senior Retirement Plan Consultant rrossi [@] egps.com 973-330-8934
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    Robert Holt Actuarial Assistant rholt [@] egps.com 212-494-9068
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    Rose Distefano, MBA Senior Actuarial Consultant rdistefano [@] egps.com 212-494-9069
    Sarah Hall Retirement Assistant shall [@] egps.com 858-869-0883
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    Sherri Hyde Senior Retirement Plan Consultant shyde [@] egps.com 251-270-6821
    Starla Fogarty Office Administrator sfogarty [@] egps.com 949-398-2474
    Stephanie Erndt Retirement Plan Assistant serndt [@] egps.com 858-400-8505
    Steven Reyna Actuarial Consultant sreyna [@] egps.com 949-220-1006
    Susanne Tillman Office Manager stillman [@] egps.com 904-419-7524
    Tammy DeDen Senior Retirement Plan Consultant tdeden [@] egps.com 949-299-5958
    Tessa Rivas, QKA Retirement Plan Consultant trivas [@] egps.com 904-730-1464
    Theresa Miotto Business Director tmiotto [@] egps.com 212-494-9053
    Tim Odin Retirement Plan Consultant todin [@] egps.com 212-494-9064
    Tyson Genz Transaction Specialist tgenz [@] egps.com 212-931-8567
    Vivianna Mercado Office Administrator vmercado [@] egps.com 914-893-4734
    Wanda Lee Couch, ERPA, QPA, QKA Regional Manager wcouch [@] egps.com 904-730-1467
    Wayne Smalley, QPA, QKA Senior Retirement Plan Consultant wsmalley [@] egps.com 904-730-1447
    William Shurm, ERPA Regional Client Relationship Manager wshurm [@] egps.com 407-421-6474
    Yelena Kleyn Senior Retirement Plan Consultant ykleyn [@] egps.com 212-494-9088
    Yelena V. Melik, QPA, QKA Senior Actuarial Consultant ymelik [@] egps.com 212-494-9082
    Ypani Guerrero Marketing Specialist yguerrero [@] egps.com 949-299-5951
  • Peter Stephan, AIF Executive Vice President pstephan [@] egps.com 949-398-2478
    Bill Presson, ERPA, APA, QPA, QKA, APR Executive Vice President, Sales & Consulting bpresson [@] egps.com 205-994-4070
    Fred Harrison Regional Vice President fharrison [@] egps.com 914-798-4499
    Elise Feldman, CPC, AIF Regional Vice President efeldman [@] egps.com 973-282-8612
    Sharon F. Birnbaum, PHR Regional Vice President, Sales & Consulting sbirnbaum [@] egps.com 973-339-3442
    Tali Vaughn, QKA Regional Vice President, Sales & Consulting tvaughn [@] egps.com 858-400-8450
    Phuong Jennings, QKA Regional Vice President, Sales & Consulting pjennings [@] egps.com 949-220-1005
    Stacya von der Osten Regional Vice President, Sales & Consulting svonderosten [@] egps.com 904-778-6256
    Cheri Wilner Kessner, ERPA, QPA Sales Consultant ckessner [@] egps.com 949-299-5953
    Jim Norman, ERPA, QPA Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent jnorman [@] egps.com 949-299-5956
    Scott Ann Setzer Consultant ssetzer [@] egps.com 858-400-8447
  • Our History

    In 1974, the government passed ERISA, the legislation that set minimum standards for voluntarily executed retirement plans. Many third party administrators worried about how this change would affect them, but EGPS looked at this legislation as an opportunity. We had already committed ourselves to finding creative retirement solutions in 1971, and we continue to honor this commitment every day, no matter how complex the plan.

Did You Know?

  • 89%
  • 77%
  • 50%
  • 89% of workers value a 401(k) or similar plan as an important benefit.
    77% say that retirement benefits offered by a prospective employer will be a major factor in their decision whether to accept a job offer.
    50% say they would be likely to switch employers for a nearly identical job with a similar employer that offered better retirement benefits.

Source: Transamerica Center for Retirement Research

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "As a CPA, I appreciate the unique expertise EGPS brings to DB/DC plan designs. They share our core philosophy of providing creative and practical solutions to meet our clients' goals."

    -Jared Faltys, CPA at Retirement Plan Consultants

Our National Presence


“Creatively designing retirement plans since 1971.”

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