Who We Serve

At EGPS, we serve a variety of distinct clients. We work with advisors, employers, CPAs, and attorneys to deliver innovative retirement plan solutions, no matter how complex your plan is. We also partner with other TPAs to bring them the best in actuarial services and consulting.


We believe a good TPA is an advisor’s best ally. We want to be that ally. We value partnership and love to stay involved through the whole sales process. Partnering with us means gaining technical expertise, creative solutions, and excellent service.

How do we collaborate with you?

We provide technical expertise and tools to help you.

You meet with the client and get their current plan and financial information.

You send client information to EGPS, and we run the numbers using this data.

We’ll get back to the advisor with numbers and tax advantages of the new plan.

You’ll go to the client with one of us can be available to accompany you to tailor-make the best plan for the them.

You work with the client on plan investments.

All the administrative work is handled by EGPS in communication with you.

What does success look like?


As a TPA we can set up a retirement plan that allows employers to:

Attract and retain employees

Meet their corporate tax objectives

Retain profits

At EGPS, we help employers meet these goals, as well as providing creative solutions that are individually tailored to your needs. We take pride in our talented administrators, many of whom have been working with the same clients for over a decade. You can rest easy knowing your plan will be taken care of by one of our administrators. You’ll always be able to call and reach your administrator, and not a call center.

Find out more about qualified retirement plans, and take a look at a sample plan.

What does success look like?

CPAs & Attorneys

We practice collaboration every day at EGPS, and extend this spirit of partnership to our CPAs and attorneys. We love working with you to help your clients prepare for retirement and beyond.

How can we help you?

You can rely on our team of dedicated administrators and actuaries for their technical expertise and prompt response.

You can count on creative, innovative solutions to your clients’ retirement needs, instead of an off-the-shelf plan.

We offer tools as well as continuing education credits to CPAs via our events and webinars.

Plans that are over five years old can be made more tax-efficient today.


With over 40 years of experience in the defined benefit field, we are well-equipped to serve as your back-office team on all types of defined benefit plans. We will white-label our work and run complimentary proposals for all your clients. We partner with firms across the country to help manage their defined benefit plans.

Partnering with us can help you retain clients by providing creative defined benefit plan design and expert administration.

We are your actuarial team - not just one actuary.

“Creatively designing retirement plans since 1971.”

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