Actuarial Consulting

Brought to You By EGPS-Summit

Making the Complex simple

Our team of enrolled actuaries, with a combined 80 years of experience, are ready to tackle any project. We revel in crunching numbers and presenting complex options in simple ways.

EGPS-Summit partners with TPAs across the country to provide white-label work on all types of defined benefit and cash balance plans. We offer proposals and illustrations for your clients so they can see the power of a defined benefit plan.


Norman Levinrad, our Chief Actuary, leads an industry-leading team of credentialed, professional actuaries, defined benefit plan administrators, and actuarial assistants. Along with our expert, friendly team, here’s why you should choose EGPS-Summit for your Actuarial Consulting work:

Fast turnaround time. We pride ourselves on timely results, typically providing illustrations and re­quested deliverables back to our TPA partners within 2 weeks of receiving complete data.

Low risk. We don’t do contracts or obligations. Simply send us a project and if you enjoy the EGPS-Summit experience, feel free to send us more. No pressure.

Reasonable cost. Our goal is to help your busi­ness grow and profit with defined benefit and cash balance plans, so we price our work accordingly.

Communication. We communicate frequently with you, our client, but don’t communicate with your clients unless you request it. We simply work in the background.

Increase Client Satisfaction, Loyalty and Profitability

We partner with you to provide quality service to your clients. By adding defined benefit and cash balance plans to the services your firm offers, you can provide additional benefits to your clients, increasing loyalty and the profitability of your business. Contact us to discuss how we can help your bottom line. We’re here to help.