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Customized Retirement Plan Services and Expertise

We provide industry-leading retirement plan services, including plan design, administration, actuarial consulting, and 3(16) fiduciary services for all types of retirement plans. At EGPS, we help employers save more, reduce taxes, and attract and retain employees through customized retirement plan solutions. Our team of experts develops and administers the best plans for each employer, all while keeping plans in compliance and even reducing workload with 3(16) fiduciary services! We design and service a variety of retirement plan types, depending on the needs of each unique client. Our team provides stellar customer service, all from one dedicated retirement plan consultant. We can join your team and help you reach your goals. See how.

Plan Design

We design an individualized plan to meet your unique needs.

Plan Administration

We handle all the complex administrative work, so you don’t have to.

Actuarial Consulting

Our actuaries revel in crunching numbers and presenting complex options in simple ways.

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3(16) Fiduciary Services

We’ll reduce your responsibilities and risk, while keeping your plan in compliance.

What our clients are saying!

Amy LeBoeuf

Orleans Capital Management Corp

I would recommend EGPS because they are only a phone call away and respond so quickly. They are always willing to assist us!

Nadine Hebert

Thibodaux Surgical Specialists

Their service is superb. EGPS is incredibly helpful and is quick to answer any questions we may have, even if we ask the same things every year. The people at EGPS are really knowledgeable and are great to have on your team. We’ve been with them from the beginning and have never even considered switching providers.