Data Security

Keeping Your Data Safe

Our culture, built on our vision and values, includes a mindset of technology innovation and data security. Our significant investment in technology and security enables us to provide stellar customer service and support. 


With an industry-leading IT group, EGPS has developed a technology and security plan that is continually reviewed and updated. Its purpose? To ensure EGPS is a leader in the use of technology to support our partners and clients. This includes:

  • Optimizing the user experience
  • Keeping data secure
  • The ability to quickly adjust to market changes 

Our Cutting Edge Culture of Security


EGPS employees operate in a highly secure video and voice communication platform. Conversations that are private to our company and our clients are kept confidential and not exposed to risks that can compromise communication security.


We make the capital investments necessary to ensure our service is delivered with the highest quality. Our hardware and software platforms were chosen because they are the most successful solutions in the market. Our secure cloud ecosystem provides our employees with continuous and secure access to data and computing systems.


At EGPS, we were able to quickly anticipate and responded to COVID‐driven remote work needs. Our end‐user enablement solutions ensure the continuance of full IT capabilities for our employees. Remote computing efficiency and effectiveness is critical. 

Your Data: Secure

IT‐related security is paramount. Sensitive data includes addresses, incomes, social security numbers, company financial data, and taxes. Safeguarding client databases starts with safeguarding our employees’ access to systems. In case of a disaster, we have methods to quickly recover and continue our business services without service interruption. Our security functions include data recovery, data encryption, and protection against the risks associated with the loss of devices. 

Your Experience

Our technology training, investment, and culture all have one goal in mind: the best possible experience for our partners and clients. That experience includes:

  • Highly responsive communication
  • Continuity of services regardless of the situation
  • Peace of mind knowing sensitive data is secure