National Career Development Month is Here! What’s it REALLY like to work for EGPS?

At EGPS, our greatest asset is our people, and we want to be a place they can flourish in their retirement career. We have an amazing team of retirement plan professionals, from Enrolled Actuaries to ERISA compliance experts to analytics gurus to administrative whizzes and more. Our people have a passion for problem solving and finding solutions. Most importantly, they love helping our partners and clients build their goals and dreams.

We know that these amazing people deserve a place where they can grow and shine, and we strive to be that place. Therefore, to celebrate National Career Development Month, we’ve asked several of our valued team members to share their retirement career experience and what it’s really like working for EGPS. 

Q: What is your name and title?

Nicole: Nicole Dorsey, Actuarial Consultant

Megan: Megan Switajewski, Operations Specialist

Jeremy: Jeremy Clark, Senior Plan Consultant and Regional Manager

Rebecca: Rebecca Horsley, Transaction Specialist

Brittney: Brittney Hastings, New Business Manager

Kaitlin: Kaitlin Watson, Retirement Plan Consultant

Lesleigh: Lesleigh Erb, Transaction Specialist

Laura Grace: Laura Grace Creswell, Operations Specialist

Q: What does your job entail?

Nicole: My job includes defined benefit, 401(k) profit sharing, and combo plan calculations and annual administration, as well as client communication.

Megan: As an Operations Specialist, I handle a variety of tasks, depending on the season. Prominent among these are: census data integrity, Form 5500 filings, and annual notice prep. Additionally, I handle any odds and ends that come my way.

Jeremy: I currently manage a team of eight retirement plan consultants. In addition, I handle my own caseload, and prepare defined benefit/cash balance valuations.

Rebecca: My job entails a high level of communication with plan sponsors and participants. I track and enter new requests daily from specific recordkeepers. I also process termination, in-service, hardship, loan, death, and RMD distributions.

Brittney: Ensuring a smooth transition from our sales team to our ongoing service team. This includes everything from the plan document, recordkeeping, and internal system setup. Basically, I’m a jack of all trades.

Kaitlin: I work with clients on their retirement plan needs, both short-term and long-term. I help answer their questions, problem-solve, and keep the plan in compliance.

Lesleigh: My job is to help facilitate various distribution requests. Initially, I check the plan rules to see if the request is permitted and the parameters for it. Then, after the required information is gathered for the transaction, it can be submitted and processed.

Laura Grace: Primarily, my job entails importing census data, submitting Form 5500s and 8955s, annual notices and assisting our Plan Consultants with smaller projects. Additionally, I assist the Transactions Team with force out projects and other tasks when needed.

Q: How long have you been with EGPS?

Nicole: 7 years.

Megan: Almost a year. I started February 2022.

Jeremy: Since August 1, 2021, when my previous firm merged with EGPS.

Rebecca: I have been with EGPS for 8 months.

Brittney: A little over three years.

Kaitlin: 6 years.

Lesleigh: I started here April 11th, 2022 so just a little over 6 months ago.

Laura Grace: Two and a half years.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

Nicole: It depends on the day or the time of year.  There’s quite a bit of diversity in this role.  So, some days it’s all Form 5500s, all contribution calculations, all phone meetings with clients, or a mix of it all. 

Megan: After I wake up and get myself ready for the day, I commute 20 feet to my office. Typically, I check my queue of emails and Plan Consultant requests, which vary, depending on the season in our industry. The Operations team stays quite busy; we work on several projects throughout EGPS, so there’s never a dull moment.

Jeremy: For a good part of the year, I am preparing valuations and non-discrimination testing, helping others manage their workload, and working with our other TPA partners.

Rebecca: A typical day usually consists of a lot of correspondence with plan sponsors and co-workers. I take care of any transactions that need processing, keep up with new requests and enter them into our workflow system, and read through several detailed documents about plans.

Brittney: My days consist of a lot of phone calls and emails, along with reviewing all plans to ensure everything is moving along in the process. I also spend my time connecting with internal associates to ensure everything is going well for them. Do they have any questions/issues/concerns or anything they need from management to help them grow and develop to where they want to be in the company?

Kaitlin: Every day looks a little different, which is part of why I like my job. So, some days I’m number crunching/testing, other days I’m helping clients with miscellaneous plan needs or meeting with them to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Lesleigh: My typical day starts by 8:30 am with a big cup of coffee in hand since I am not an early morning person. I will usually start by checking emails, then I will get to work on the distributions waiting in my work tray. There is always so much to do between requests on hold for missing information, new requests, and following up on the submitted transactions. The days are so busy, they fly by!  

Laura Grace: Every day is different! Usually, I log on and check my emails, and then review our workflow system for tasks assigned to me and work on those. If I have time left in my day, I will either work on force out projects or ask our Plan Consultants if they need any assistance.

Q: What do you appreciate most about EGPS?

Nicole: I love the people, the variety of the day-to-day tasks, and the flexibility EGPS provides.

Megan: I love the cohesiveness of my team, despite being remote. We all work very well together and provide support without a second thought. My manager is an integral part of that dynamic. I also love the flexibility I’m provided. As a mom of a teenager who is very involved in school activities, EGPS has allowed me to regain a work/life balance that had previously disappeared in my prior place of work.

Jeremy: The wide knowledge and experience base, excellent vacation and holiday benefits, and work schedule flexibility

Rebecca: There are a lot but, top 3 are:

  • How much flexibility I have as a remote employee—I love being able to catch up whenever I need to, not having to drive to an office just to work, being able to schedule appointments to fit my schedule or to be able to MOVE (which I did) without worrying about my job. Therefore, this is definitely number one on my list.
  • The amount of PTO given up front – A lot of jobs require you to accrue PTO based on your hours worked. EGPS gives this right away, which is so important for work and home life balance.
  • The support system—If you have issues or questions, you can always find someone who knows the answer and is happy to help. I love that!

Brittney: I love the family environment, flexibility, and internal relationships we’ve built.

Kaitlin: The sincere effort toward a positive morale/culture, generous PTO, and a flexible remote work environment

Lesleigh: The support I have received from my fellow co-workers has been amazing. So many here have been willing to answer questions I may have or have gone the extra mile to help out, which I truly appreciate. I also love the ability to work remotely. Before I worked at EGPS, I commuted 65 miles every day, which added an additional 2 hours to my workday. I am sure my dogs are just as grateful for my new position with EGPS. 😊 It’s also amazing working for a company that has integrity.  Everyone I have come in contact with truly wants to do their best for their clients and their employees.    

Laura Grace: At EGPS, I work with so many amazing, genuine, and team-oriented co-workers. I have yet to work with someone who has not been willing to answer questions or give assistance when needed. Also, I am constantly learning new things and growing in my retirement career. Lastly, the flexibility EGPS provides is great, and I love that I’m able to work from home.

Q: Do you feel like you can grow in your retirement career at EGPS? Explain.

Nicole: Definitely. I started here right out of college and have grown a lot. I have taken on many more responsibilities from when I first started here, and I am learning new things all the time from so many different people. 

Megan: Absolutely! We’re growing and there are always new, exciting developments. I crave meaningful work that is challenging and influencing in my retirement career. My manager keeps me plugged into projects and trainings that allow me to flourish in an industry that can easily become repetitive.

Jeremy: I feel like with such a large company, there is always room to grow.

Rebecca: I think so! From what I have seen since I have been with EGPS, it seems like you can always learn new things, and with that comes different opportunities to step into new roles. It is wonderful thing!

Brittney: Yes, EGPS does a great job paving paths for each department and each position within the department. The goal is to ensure each position can grow into the next level.

Kaitlin: Yes! I’ve already grown my retirement career so much from the interim position I began at with the company. As I continue my retirement plan education and earning credentials, I hope to expand my expertise and continue to grow and be a resource with EGPS.

Lesleigh: I feel like I could definitely grow my career here with all the education and support provided. I have only been here for a very short time but look forward to many years to come.

Laura Grace: I absolutely feel like I can grow in my retirement career at EGPS! I started out on the Transactions Team with zero knowledge about the retirement industry. I learned so much during my time on that team thanks to my amazing manager and everyone at my office. Since then, I have moved to the Operations Team and continue to learn more. I have come to realize that there is always something to be learned in this industry, and I love that! 

Q: How does EGPS support your career goals?

Nicole: Along with allowing me to grow into more responsibility, many of the people I work with have been here for many years.  Seeing people spend so long with a company makes you feel like it is a good place to stay and to grow your career.

Megan: EGPS provides me with opportunities to branch into other departments and take on difficult projects, which gives me a wide range of experience and exposure to a variety of tasks. All of this helps me gain additional knowledge and experience that is crucial for growing and thriving in this industry.

Jeremy: I was promoted to Regional Manager within approximately 6 months of our former company merging with EGPS.  EGPS also has a new study/exam program for hopeful actuaries, which I plan to embark on soon.

Rebecca: EGPS has opened me up to the world of finance. I always knew I was good at administration work, but this industry feels like it just fits perfectly. Additionally, I feel confident I can be successful in many different areas of retirement!

Brittney: EGPS provides training and next steps in a career path for those who want to grow.

Kaitlin: EGPS offerstraining and supports continued education, broadening the resources available throughout the changes in the industry.

Lesleigh: I believe this support started from the very beginning while talking to Dawn Genz. She couldn’t have been more encouraging or supportive coming on board here, and I feel there are possibilities to grow at EGPS for sure.

Laura Grace: While I still feel like I have much to learn in this industry, I believe EGPS is a company that will support my career growth as long as I am putting in the effort to grow. I look forward to learning about new opportunities in the future.

Q: Which EGPS value (loyalty, humility, respect, creativity, collaboration, abundance mentality, growth, organization, integrity) has impacted you the most in your retirement career?

Nicole: Respect.  It is important to show and receive respect from all those around you whether it is your first day or you have been here for 20 years, and that’s important and prevalent at EGPS.

Megan: I can point out a time where each of these values have come into play during my time at EGPS, but the one that has been most impactful to me is collaboration. I appreciate how well EGPS promotes collaboration within and between its teams. Everyone is approachable and willing to help when needed.

Jeremy: I worked with Norman Levinrad for over 20 years, so those values were already instilled me, and I am glad to see them at EGPS.  Having worked with one firm so long I can especially relate to loyalty; additionally, growth and integrity.

Rebecca: If I have to pick just one, I would say humility. I have learned and grown so much here! I look forward to continuing to learn from these wonderful people that have so much knowledge in their retirement careers and have made EGPS what it is today!

Brittney: Growth.

Kaitlin: Collaboration! While a good “do it yourself” attitude has its positives, there’s so much to be learned by collaborating with others to achieve a common goal. My retirement career here wouldn’t be nearly as successful as it has been without my manager, the Compliance team, and many others I’ve worked with on projects along the way.

Lesleigh: I believe the EGPS value of collaboration has impacted me the most. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without the support I have received, and I see that I am not alone in that sentiment.  I love reading the notes others have given to recognize team members who have helped in especially busy/tough times.  Being recognized for a job well done means so much.     

Laura Grace: I’d say collaboration, too!

Q: Anything else you’d like to share (funny stories, things you appreciate, etc.)?

Nicole: I always enjoy meeting new co-workers and catching up with old ones at the holiday parties and BBQs.  It’s fun to meet coworkers from other parts of the country when they’re in town. 

Megan: I will say that I LOVE perusing Workvivo (our internal communications platform), especially the Pets page 😊. I feel like it helps bridge the gap between being remote and building connection with coworkers!

Jeremy: I was just at my first ASPPA annual and it was great meeting some fellow co-workers there.

Rebecca: I love the kind and caring support everyone I have worked with here has shown! No one has ever made me feel bad for having to take care of things outside of work. I work with a great group of people!

Kaitlin: During one of our busier times of the year, my office still made time to get together and throw me a lovely baby shower. It brought me to tears!

Laura Grace: I have learned not to beat Rita McDonald at the game of Spoons, because she will hold it against you for the rest of your life. 😉 (we like to play card games at the Mobile, AL office parties)

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