Retirement Plan Solution Case Study: The EGPS VIP Experience

The scenario: helping others while searching for a retirement plan solution

My husband opened a medical practice in Orange County in California in 2022. After spending so many years studying and training, we were so happy to have opened up a business that we take care of together.

Naturally, one of the biggest concerns as a small business owner was retirement planning. We researched and discussed various options with many different retirement plan providers. Most of them wanted us to sign up for a defined benefit plan given our high income, but we still had concerns and questions that went unanswered.

Finding a retirement plan solution with EGPS

I was connected to Tali Vaughn and explained our situation and concerns. Not only was she knowledgeable, she was honest, and I felt like she had my best interest in mind. Tali was able to show me how much I would be able to save and the cost in different scenarios. She also educated me on how a retirement plan works best in terms of age, wage, and longevity of business. I was finally able to clearly understand what the best financial course of action would be for our business.

Above and beyond: a VIP experience

As we worked with Tali, she never seemed bothered by my beginner-level questions, was so patient, and literally held my hand through the whole process. Since then and all the way through the implementation of the plan, she was always available to me. She treats us with so much care and respect – it’s mind blowing!

After the implementation of the plan, I was lucky enough to have Mark Larson as my plan consultant. Just like Tali, he has been awesome – consistent, available, pleasant, and knowledgeable. He always takes the time answer my questions in simple terms and provide solutions.

Overall, I am so happy with EGPS for the quality of service and professionalism they provide. The EGPS team treats every client as a VIP, and they should take pride in the fact that they are helping individuals in meaningful ways. I would refer any of our friends to EGPS in the future!

Thank you for all you do and providing small business owners like us with the opportunity to pursue financial freedom at retirement.

– Min Yu, Medical Practice Owner

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