The One with the Gourmet Retirement Plan Buffet

January 2 is National Buffet Day (not to be confused with National Phoebe BUFFAY Day, for all you Friends fans). After celebrating at Golden Corral, I reflected on the beauty of buffets – a plethora of options, allowing you to choose the most delicious plate for you, based on your preferences. As I contemplated with my belly full of lasagna, cornbread, and country-fried steak, I realized EGPS is like a gourmet retirement plan buffet (the kind that DEFINITELY won’t give you food poisoning). How? I’m glad you asked.

Options: Find your retirement plan lobster

Whether you’re looking for lobster (the Rachel to your Ross, if you will 😉), fettucine alfredo, or a burger and fries, we got you. Meaning, if an employer is hungry to attract and retain talent, we can whip up a plan with that in mind. If they’re looking for mouth-watering tax-savings, we have that on the menu. Perhaps they’re looking to really increase their savings or are coming up against a state-sponsored plan deadline and want to look at their options: we’ve got something cooking already.

At EGPS, we customize plan design to meet our client’s unique needs, letting them choose the benefits (servings) they want while we make them their perfect plate. And our buffet is extensive; we dish up all kinds of plans, including:

No pla-? No problem.

Don’t have a plan? No problem. We’re not talking about a retirement plan – we’re talking about not even knowing where to start. As Phoebe would say, “I don’t even have a pla-“

Imagine walking through the retirement plan buffet with an experienced chef who has tried all the dishes and knows your tastes well. As you look at the options, they’re able to tell you things like: “I know you like hazelnut, so you will definitely like this cake.” That’s what it’s like working with EGPS on your retirement plan.

For example, after talking through your goals, we might discover your palette is ripe for rewarding key employees and allowing them to contribute more than others. Your EGPS retirement plan chef can bake up a cross-tested plan to satisfy the craving. Maybe non-discrimination testing leaves a bad taste in your mouth, so EGPS serves you a safe harbor plan to meet your tastes. If your profitability patterns are consistent and you want to contribute more than you can in a 401(k) plan, EGPS can blend together a cash balance plan, which allows for significantly higher contributions.

PIVOT to customized retirement plan design

These are just a few of the many options on the EGPS gourmet retirement plan buffet. Could there be any more options?? We think not. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Your personal EGPS chef will come alongside you and show you the best possible combination for your unique tastes. Take a break from settling when it comes to your goals and future, and PIVOT to the EGPS gourmet buffet. We’re ready to help.


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