EGPS Retirement Plan Experts: Peeling Back the Layers

At EGPS, we love our team. They make us who we are: kind, professional, funny (sometimes…), problem-solving, retirement plan experts. Most of all, our people help make our clients’ and partners’ goals and dreams come true, and they are the best (we’re not biased AT ALL).

As much as we love retirement plan design and IRS/DOL regulations, we also love a little fun. Similar to ogres and onions (looking at you, Shrek), our team has layers. So, we thought we’d introduce just a few of the people who make EGPS well…EGPS!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy peeling back the layers on some of our quirky, hilarious, friendly professionals.


Dawn Genz, Chief Operating Officer

Lindsay Lopez: Director of Operations

Jessica Quinones, Operations Analyst I

Adam Czuper, Deconversion Consultant

Carol McKenna, Transaction Specialist

Michael Leonard, Internal Sales Partner


Q: What was your first job?

Dawn: Picking up garbage at Brainerd International Raceway after big races (Nascar)

Lindsay: First paid job was in high school as a file clerk/receptionist at a chiropractic office. My first unpaid job before and during high school: gymnastics and cheerleading coach.

Jessica: At a grocery store, I packed groceries for home deliveries.  

Adam: Grocery store bag boy

Carol: Retail – Bath & Body Works….circa….never mind!  LOL

Michael: I was a press runner at the Augusta National.

Q: How did you get into the retirement industry?

Dawn: I started as a bank teller.

Lindsay: I fell into it, like most.😊 I started out as a receptionist for a TPA Firm, then the industry sucked me in and never let go. I blame Tali Vaughn!

Jessica: I started in customer services and worked my way up.

Adam: I followed my older brother into the industry.

Carol: I started working part-time as an office assistant at a pension firm through a friend referral…about 24 years ago!

Michael: JJ McKinney (our Director of Sales) reached out to me when I graduated college (thank you JJ!).

Q: What does your job entail?

Dawn: As COO, I ensure that our retirement administration company operates efficiently, complies with regulations, and delivers excellent service to clients. It involves a combination of leadership, strategic thinking, and hands-on management of operational processes.

Lindsay: Currently, it’s been a lot of operational meetings and interviews! I work with other team managers, mostly in defined contributions, to streamline processes. 

Jessica: In short, balancing accounts, balancing software, pulling reports, and preparing documents.

Adam: Patience and perseverance

Carol: I am a Transaction Specialist and I mainly review and submit all types of employee distributions.

Michael: I support a few external sales team members (Regional Vice Presidents) by preparing proposals & engagement agreements, gathering data for illustrations, managing their pipelines, and getting clients set up in our systems.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job as a retirement plan expert?

Dawn: Seeing success in process improvement or watching someone grow and develop to a next level.

Lindsay: Hands down, the people I work with. We have amazing, talented, smart and caring people at EGPS!

Jessica: Finding the money/solving the “case.” It’s easy sometimes and other times I feel like I’m a detective trying to solve a case. Real Scooby-doo vibes or The First 48!

Adam: Well, it stays entertaining….I hear all of the divorce drama from QDRO parties.

Carol: Working with my team!

Michael: The people I work with. Our team is so rad!          


Q: Who’s your favorite character from a TV series, book series, or movie and why?

Dawn: All the Big Bang Theory characters…I love a good mindless, funny sitcom.

Lindsay: Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. She is a strong female character who does not back down. She’s also witty and a bit of a tomboy.

Jessica: Ahh, I love a good mystery. Harry Potter is probably one of the best series, and of course my favorite is Hermione because she’s the smartest one!

Adam: Indiana Jones – He’s wildly adventurous.

Carol: Olivia Pope from the show Scandal!  She was so fierce and always found a way to fix a problem, while trying to fix herself!

Michael: Probably Loki, I even named my dog after him. He’s the god of chaos and mischief, what’s not to like?

Q: What is your all-time favorite snack?

Dawn: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Lindsay: Graham crackers and peanut butter

Jessica: White cheddar popcorn

Adam: Lunchables

Carol: Cheddar cheese popcorn…..but pretty much just love cheese!!

Michael: Chips and guac, for sure

Q: What’s your favorite dad joke or funny movie/podcast/show?

Dawn: Don’t think I have a favorite…they all make me laugh…here are a few that I think are good:

Dogs can’t operate MRI machines. But catscan.

Why did the coach go to the bank? To get his quarterback. 

How do celebrities stay cool? They have many fans.

Lindsay: Favorite funny podcast = You Should Know

Jessica: Whenever I pass a graveyard, I ask “Do you know how many are dead in there?” Just to turn and say all of them. Maybe a little morbid but I find it funny every time.

Adam: The Jerk with Steve Martin (Movie)

Carol: Any movie with Eddie Murphy in it is going to be hilarious!!!

Michael: What do you call a deer with no eyes? No eye-deer (No idea lol)

Q: What is your biggest fashion regret? Have you seen it re-emerge?

Dawn: Not sure I have a regret…pinning or rolling my pant legs has re-emerged: skinny jeans and joggers!

Lindsay: Hmm… can’t say I regret anything, but you would not catch me wearing low rise jeans and crop tops EVER again!

Jessica: Baggy clothes… it was short lived for me.

Adam: Grunge rocker clothing, and nope!

Carol: I don’t feel like I am regretting anything in fashion…….oh maybe leg warmers….they’re back, but I left them in the 80s!!  LOL

Michael: Tall Nike socks and Sperrys…luckily this has not re-emerged.

Q: What is the silliest way you’ve injured yourself?

Dawn: Broke my little toe getting into bed (stubbed it on the bed frame)

Lindsay: Not sure it’s silly, but it sure is sad! About 2 years ago I sprained my knee simply by going from sitting cross legged to standing. I was very pregnant and had to be in a full leg brace – it was quite a pathetic sight.

Jessica: While playing manhunt, I climbed a fence and my clothes got caught. I was hanging there for a little while and I have a scar on my knee from it.

Adam: Hit my forehead on the corner of the kitchen cabinet

Carol: Was walking into a restaurant and was looking behind rather than ahead of me (I know better and didn’t do better) and bumped my head right into a pole!!!  It was actually pretty funny, once I made sure I didn’t break my nose!!  😊

Michael: Sent it a little too hard on a dirt bike


Dawn: If you knew me…you would know I am COO of EGPS

If you really knew me…you would know that I am a wife, mother, & grandparent

If you really really knew me…you would know that I am a volleyball coach

Lindsay: If you knew me… You know I have 3 boys and am a 49er fan!

If you really knew me… You know I love true crime and my dream job would be a detective!

If you really really knew me… You know I never learned how to ride a bike, but could do back handsprings and backflips on a balance beam.

Jessica: If you knew me….you’d know I have a great sense of humor.

If you really knew me…you’d know I can make a joke out of anything.

If you really really knew me…. you’d know with my humor comes deep understanding and wisdom.

Adam: If you knew me… you would laugh

If you really knew me… you would cry

If you really really knew me…laugh ‘til you cry

Carol: If you knew me…you’d know that cooking is my passion.

If you really knew me…you’d know that I love to cook all kinds of food for my family and friends…especially Italian food!

If you really really knew me…you knew that I learned how to make Tiramisu when I was 7 years old, from my sister in Italy……..and have been making it since!!  😊

Michael:  If you knew me… You’d know I’m a huge Georgia football fan.

If you really knew me… You’d know I like to brag about them winning the natty back to back.

If you really really knew me… You’d know Georgia should have been in the CFP this year.

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